Dietary Manager

Fort Thomas, KY

Job status
Full time
Job description
Exhibits the mission and philosophy of the Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm, by assuring quality food preparation and service to meet resident nutritional needs. Assures adherence to long term care regulations and guidelines of all regulating bodies. Assures functioning of Dietary Department at levels conducive to facility requirements.

• Assures department meets requirements set forth in long-term care standards and state regulations.
• Communicates effectively with residents, families and staff.
• Works effectively with the geriatric population, understanding their special needs and requirements.
• Works with other departments, medical director, and administration.
• Knows all facets of the dietary department. Makes necessary changes to assure functionality of the department.
• Assures purchase of food, monitoring and reviewing orders before finalized.
• Assures production and timely service of meals.
• Oversees meal preparations and kitchen duties of all dietary staff, demonstrating tasks as required.
• Plans and assists in preparation and service of holiday and special meals and functions.
• Prepares and presents in-services and other training sessions for dietary staff, residents, families, and other departments as warranted.
• Chairs department meetings, selecting meeting content and necessity.
• Develops departmental policies, procedures, manuals, and menus as needed.
• Uses quality assurance monitors to check and evaluate food preparation and service for accuracy of: modified diet service, temperatures, portioning, appearance of trays, nutritional value, quality of food, sanitation, and resident acceptance.
• Interviews and selects vendors, coordinating purchasing, storage and distribution of dietary supplies.
• Maintains cost records and works to meet budget guidelines.
• Tests new food products and equipment, making recommendations to administration for purchase and/or replacement.
• Assures proper storage is available, and handling of food and supplies complies with current guidelines.
• Inspects storage areas for proper temperatures, cleanliness and order.
• Assists with preparation of the dietary budget, working toward cost-effective dietary management.
• Assists in kitchen remodeling or new construction projects.
• Reviews survey reports and writes plan of correction as needed.
• Meets at least monthly with Administration to discuss projects, goals, events, etc.
• Participates in Quality Assurance, and Fire and Safety as a committee member.
• Directs and supervises all dietary staff. Hires, orients, counsels, disciplines and when appropriate terminates dietary employees.
• Knows procedures for Fire and Safety and participates in drills and emergencies as warranted.
• Employs all safety measures for protection of residents and staff.
• Uses computer based menu system to update resident food preferences and print tray tickets.
• Continues growth and development in the field through current professional literature, and attendance at workshops authorized for continuing education credit.


Certification as a dietary manager, at a minimum required, two or four years dietetic degree preferred. Maintains membership in the Certified Dietary Managers Association. Minimum of three years experience in the field of dietetics with food service supervision preferred.


Works from an office provided for planning and management procedures. Has access to office equipment such as a copier.

Sits, stands, stoops, bends, lifts, and walks intermittently during the workday. Subject to temperature extremes, burns, falls and other hazards of the kitchen area.

Works a basic work schedule of 40 hours weekly. Hours may vary based on department needs and special functions calendar


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