Fort Thomas, KY

Job status
Full time
Job description
Follows menus to prepare meals for Carmel Manor under the general direction of the Dietary Director. Observes food handling procedures as outlined by the Kentucky Good Codes. Serves meals to residents and staff.

• Manages the Dietary Department in the absence of the Dietary Director and supervisor when required to do so.
• Complies with long term care regulations and established dietary department policies and procedures.
• Records all required food temperatures for each meal item daily.
• Records all temperatures on refrigeration units each shift.
• Reviews menus before preparing meals and prepares and serves them properly and attractively.
• Maintains the dietary department in a safe and sanitary manner.
• Serves meals using proper portions and special diet items.
• Prepares and serves food for therapeutic diets according to planned menus.
• Follows standardized recipes and special diet orders.
• Receives and stores incoming food and supplies.
• Reports food, supply, and equipment needs to Dietary Director.
• Attends in-service and other necessary training.
• Uses and teaches proper food handling techniques.
• Makes menu substitutions as necessary and records these in the designated place.
• Meets time schedule for service of meals and snacks.
• Dates, labels and stores food properly.
• Keeps work area clean and uncluttered, and assists with scheduled cleaning duties.
• Maintains the security of the department.
• Experienced Cook with Great Taste
• Supervisory experience desired
• Therapeutic Diet production experience desired

• Must be able to read, write and understand English.
• Must be able to increase or decrease recipes to meet the needs of the facility.
• Must be able to lift and transfer heavy, hot items (50 lbs max).
• Must be in good mental and physical condition.
• Must be able to work with geriatric residents.
• Must be able to cooperate with other department heads and employees.
• Must have leadership ability and be able to supervise and secure the cooperation of the dietary employees.
• Must be able to direct the dietary department in the absence of the dietary manager when this is the stated policy.

• Works in a well-lighted and ventilated kitchen.
• Is exposed to temperature extremes in the kitchen and storage area.
• Is subject to burns, cuts, falls and scalds.

• Usually works forty (40) hours per week as scheduled.
• Schedule may be altered depending on special function calendar.
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